4 Ways To Quit Smoking

Tried-and-Tested Ways to Truly, Finally Quit Smoking
So you want to kick the habit of smoking once and for all. The good news is that there are many things that you can try in the pursuit of getting rid of this bad habit. Unfortunately, not everything you try will be successful. Some ways of quitting smoking are just proven to be more effective than others. To save you the trouble, here are the best ways to finally quit smoking. This article outlines 4 ways to quit smoking that have proven to be the most effective.
Quit cold turkey
Sometimes the simplest processes are the most effective. Statistics from the American Cancer Society show that more than 80% of people who quit smoking managed to succeed simply by saying ‘no’ to cigarettes. Many experts would say that the cold turkey method is a bad idea, but the statistics don’t lie when it comes to the effectiveness of the method.
It’s important to note that successful cold-turkey quitters had a plan in place before they decided to just not pick up another cigarette again. These people were able to quit smoking because they had the support of their loved ones, and this support is critical to the success of the cold turkey method of quitting smoking.
So if you’re planning to quit cold turkey, it’s best that you make a plan before you vow never to smoke another cigarette. Seek the support of your peers or your family and make sure you’ll be getting the support you need to go through the process of quitting. It takes a lot of willpower and the urge to relapse will likely be strong, so you’ll have to frequently remind yourself of the reasons why you’re quitting smoking.
Try nicotine therapy
Nicotine therapy is another popular, effective way to quit smoking. In fact, many have enjoyed greater success with nicotine therapy compared to other methods. Undergoing nicotine therapy, you’ll be using patches, lozenges, or other products that will help wean you off cigarettes. It’s not the healthiest process for your body, but, for many former smokers, it guaranteed success at quitting smoking.
By using these other nicotine products, you’re cutting down the amount of nicotine you put into your body. Your body will slowly get used to the decreasing amounts of the chemical until the time comes when you won’t need those patches at all; at this point, your body won’t be experiencing cravings for nicotine at all. Some say that products such as nicotine patches can help in enjoying the effects of nicotine with none of the harmful diseases that smoking brings.
Avoid your triggers
Smokers usually pick up their cigarettes after experiencing triggers that cause irresistible cravings for nicotine. Common triggers include a set time and place where people usually smoke, like when you’re on a quick break at the office or when you’ve just finished a big meal. Other smokers are triggered by negative emotions such as stress.
If you notice certain patterns to your smoking habits, it might help you to quit if you avoid these patterns from starting in the first place. Put more simply, avoid your triggers so they don’t activate your cravings.
Don’t put yourself in situations where you’ll be more inclined to light up. For instance, stay indoors and do some Web browsing during your lunch break instead of heading out for a quick smoke. Finding healthier ways to relieve stress will also go a long way in your desire to quit smoking. In some cases, avoiding triggers is as simple as keeping your hands and mind occupied during the time you’ll usually be smoking.
Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
When quitting cold turkey just won’t do, gradually cutting back on your cigarette smoking may be the solution. Some smokers find it easier to smoke fewer and fewer cigarettes each day than to just completely quit one day. The ‘slowly but surely’ method is usually most effective for heavy smokers whose bodies will not be able to easily adjust to the sudden loss of nicotine.
So if you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day, you can try cutting down to one pack a week. Once you’re getting by on that amount, you can cut back further to smoking just once cigarette every other day. This will give your body the chance to deplete its store of nicotine. The cravings will be easier to ignore, too.

These methods are considered to be effective, but don’t expect to achieve the same results as other smokers. Your success rate at quitting smoking will also depend on your willpower and determination, along with other factors in your daily life. What’s important is you find the method that will give you the best chance to succeed.