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Harm Reduction of Drug Use through Electronic Cigarettes


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Many organizations all over the world are concerned with the prevalence of drug use and its effects on the world population. Certain organizations, like the Harm Reduction Journal, are primarily committed to the research of methods that help reduce the harm caused by drug abuse. One of the main studies of the group involves the use of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes as tobacco harm reduction (THR) products for chronic smokers.
Tobacco is the leading cause of completely preventable deaths around the world. And since ridding the world of nicotine and tobacco is a pipe dream, we must look to the next best thing: protecting chronic smokers from health risks.
Preliminary findings of studies show that e-cigarettes have the potential to be an effective alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. Smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes and previous smokers who completely abstain from tobacco or nicotine products actually enjoy many of the same health improvements.
An article recently published by researchers from the CDC states that e-cigarette usage among US adults has more than quadrupled from .6% in 2009 to 2.7% in 2010. In 2013, nearly 1 in 10 US adults, or 20.4 million individuals, have tried using e-cigarettes at least once in their lives. More studies published in the Oxford University Press show that the usage is most prevalent among young adults and current cigarette smokers. Further, more rigorous research is needed, but it’s clear that current and previous smokers find e-cigarettes useful.
The Harm Reduction Journal states that even if only 25% of the worldwide smoking population switches to safe THR products such as e-cigarettes, millions of lives can be saved over the next ten years. This is why it’s important for government and trusted health authorities to support campaigns that disseminate accurate information on e-cigarettes and other THR products. This is crucial in convincing hundreds of millions of smokers and tobacco users that there are safer, healthier alternatives to get nicotine than regular cigarettes.
These campaigns may also shed some light on health benefits that may be derived from tobacco. This is important because nicotine has been found to have beneficial effects on improving concentration, memory, and attention. Nicotine is also thought to be helpful in alleviating symptoms of mood impairments. Healthier nicotine delivery systems such as e-cigarettes can help ensure that the benefits of nicotine can be reaped while avoiding its negative health effects.
If you’re considering making the switch to e-cigarettes, careful consideration and wise shopping are important. There are currently no regulatory standards for e-cigarettes, so it’s up to you to make sure that you get a safe, effective product. The vaporizer should feel sturdy and reliable, capable of producing vapor consistently. The e-liquid should use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and must be manufactured under sanitary conditions. The cartridges should also have a label listing all ingredients, along with an accurate description of its nicotine content.