Exercise Is Important

Getting through Nicotine Withdrawal through Exercise

Keeping fit in Green Park.
Keeping fit in Green Park.

These days, people who want to quit smoking have a lot of quit-smoking aids at their disposal. Advancements in science and medicine have allowed for the development of smoking cessation aids such as e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, and even nicotine gum. But, sometimes, the simplest methods of quitting smoking are the most effective. Studies have found that regular exercise is just as helpful as any quit-smoking aid.

Many studies have thoroughly investigated the effects of exercise on reducing the intensity of the cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal. Researchers from the University of Exeter say that people struggling with resisting the cravings can reduce the intensity of the cravings by exercising. Exercising whenever the cravings occur is said to be particularly effective at decreasing the urges. The professor of exercise and health psychology at University of Exeter confirms these findings, too, saying that exercise does have positive, albeit short-term, effects on reducing the intensity of cigarette cravings.

When compared with a control group, study subjects who did physical activities enjoyed significantly less intense nicotine cravings. These findings remained accurate even when the subjects from the latter group were highly heterogeneous. PsychCentral, a psychology support center, also said that participants in the study didn’t use other quit-smoking strategies or smoking cessation aids.
Even published studies in the Journal of Psychopharmacology have indicated the effectiveness of exercise as a smoking cessation strategy. Moderate-level physical activities are considered to be helpful for smokers attempting to quit smoking. Biking, jogging, and running are all great activities that can cut down the urges you get to light up a cigarette. You can even sign up for a gym membership or take up a sport if you want to get regular exercise as you try to quit smoking.

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