Smoking Perks

The Secret Perks to Smoking

We’ve all heard about the danger of smoking. You don’t get to be a regular smoker without getting flak for it from your loved ones, your colleagues, or sometimes even strangers. So you probably already know that smoking brings disease to your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, puts you at greater risk of heart attacks and strokes, stains your teeth, and greatly shortens your lifespan. It’s all old news, right?

But have you ever stopped to think: why would smoking be so popular if it’s so harmful? Chronic smokers must be enjoying some perks or benefits from their pack-a-day habits, or else they wouldn’t keep patronizing the tobacco industry. Well, the little-known truth is that smoking can do you some good.
If you smoke enough cigarettes, here are some insider perks you’ll enjoy.
⦁    Experiencing the unique joy of smoke breaks
Regular office workers may enjoy two to three breaks each working day, but smokers receive much more breaks than that. Some actually take two or three ten-minute ‘smoke breaks’ every couple of hours. Non-smokers are definitely missing out on those smoke breaks away from the desk. Of course, smoke breaks aren’t limited to offices. These can also happen in movie theaters, restaurants, schools, or anywhere else where smoking is prohibited indoors. As a heavy smoker, you get an all-access pass to smoke breaks.
Non-smokers don’t get to the experience the moments where you’re awkwardly chatting up kindred souls who are standing on the sidewalk or in the smoking area. They miss out on the deep, thought-provoking small talk that ensues when you’re trying to inhale your cigarette as quickly as possible but you don’t want to be rude.
⦁    Establishing close, personal relationships with tobacco purveyors
There’s nothing quite as heart-warming or welcoming as the feeling of walking into a liquor store (probably the one closest to your home) and getting greeted by the cashiers and clerks, all of whom know you by name. They probably already know what you’re going to buy, too, and are familiar with your choice of cigarette brand when your favorite brand isn’t available.
Feels nice to have so many friends, doesn’t it? And there’s something to be said for the excitement brought by being a regular at a place such as a liquor store, which sells you all of the ‘bad stuff’. Non-smokers just won’t understand this special aspect of being a smoker.
⦁    Getting a sneak peek of future you
Want to know what you’ll look like 20 years from now? Indulge your curiosity and pick up a pack of cigarettes. Make sure you don’t put down those cigarettes for long. If you smoke enough cigarettes, you’ll start to see changes in your appearance. You’ll gain a pale, dried out complexion, and your face will start accumulating lines and wrinkles. You’ll get to see yourself age gracefully (or not) in a quarter of the time it usually takes. We’re not guaranteeing that you’ll like what you’ll see, but, hey, it’s better to know ahead of time, right? You can start saving up for botox injections and other reconstructive surgeries today.

The aging effect of smoking is also a great benefit for people who are always being mistaken as younger than they really are. Are you not always taken seriously because of your healthy-looking babyface? Or maybe you’re just getting tired of people referring to you as ‘kid’. Either way, smoking can really help you achieve the older, more distinguished look you want. Smoking at least once day can go a long way in getting rid of thoseannoyingly youthful features.



If you’re clever enough to see through the sarcasm, or, conversely, if we’d failed to cleverly present these supposed benefits of smoking, then you’ll realize that the perks of smoking are nothing you should really look forward to.

Sure, you may think that smoking helps you feel more focused or more alert. You may feel disoriented or mentally foggy, and a cigarette may clear your head, but this is the result of your mind playing tricks on you. You were probably suffering from nicotine withdrawal and smoking simply gave you your nicotine fix, which only makes you more addicted to cigarettes. You see, smoking is a vicious cycle.

Cigarettes may bring you comfort, or maybe you enjoy the company of other smokers on those quick smoke breaks. The sad truth remains: are you willing to trade 10 to 20 years of your life for temporary stress relief or short-lived comfort?

These ‘benefits’ are simply not worth the harmful effects of smoking. So while you still have the time, set your quit date and get started on the process of quitting smoking.